Delusionally Speaking

I'm constantly amazed at my brain's ability to filter information and delude itself. For example, the guy I see when I look in the mirror is about 30-50 lbs. lighter than the guy I see in pictures or video footage of me. Seriously. How is this possible? Do I have special, slightly convex, funhouse mirrors in my home? I'd wonder if this is actually true, excpet there's no way there are special mirrors in every hotel room I visit.

So the problem is either with me, or with every photographic and videographic capture device ever created. Even writing that stirs a little hope. Somewhere in the back of my brain, a tiny voice is whispering, “It could be the inherent tendency of technology to fail...”

But no. I'm certain the problem is my perception. I know this because of the time I went to the doctor's office and found myself sucking in my gut as I stepped on the scale. My brain is a hypocrite.

I mean, I know I'm not the only one constantly deluding himself. Everyone who says, “I don't watch TV,” and then catches up on their favorite TV programming online, via Hulu or torrents (or even on DVD) is just hiding behind a thin veil of semantics, but still maintains that outwardly smug level of superiority that seems pervasive among people who say things like, “I don't watch TV.”

The entire women's clothing industry is built around self-delusion, banking on the thought that women would rather buy a pair of “Size 10” jeans than a pair with a 28” waist. Hell, the ENTIRE clothing industry banks on it. Buy a pair of jeans, and chances are the waist is a few inches bigger around than it's supposed to be. Really. If you buy men's jeans with a size 30” waist, chances are, a guy with a 33-34” waist could fit in them. Why? Cause they know WE want to feel thinner, and would rather buy clothing that is labeled as being smaller than it actually is. Because we delude ourselves. All of us.

It makes me question just how off my perception of reality is. How different are my versions of time and music, distance and beauty, of what is profound? Or worse... What's funny?

I'd worry about it, but who has time for negative thoughts? I have to go find a non-defective videocamera...