Fandom: 0, LucasFilms: 84 (Million)

George Lucas is the Gene Simmons of the Sci-Fi world. It doesn't matter to him if you love or hate him, just so long as you're talking about him, his intellectual properties, or his businesses. And you do. Oh! How you do... And you throw money at him. Repeatedly.

Never mind the hatred against Jar-Jar Binks. Never mind Hayden Christensen's cardboard portrayal of Anakin Skywalker. Think, for a second, about all the nay-saying and fan backlash against Lucas' continued tinkering with the franchise (specifically with the BIG THREE movies that spawned the heart of the fandom.) Think about the outrage surrounding the CGI additions to the first movie, Greedo being edited to shoot first (hell, to shoot at all...) or Hayden's “Ani” being edited into ROTJ. And now the controversial “NOOOOOOOOOO!” just added to ROTJ for Blu Ray.

Well... With all this outrage, Blu-Ray sales are bound to suffer a bit, right? Right?

(Sigh) Wrong. The “complete-for-now” Star Wars saga has sold over 515,000 units in North America alone since Sept. 16, and broke records for first week global sales (over $84 million, worldwide.) It is now officially the highest selling and most pre-ordered Blu-Ray offering in history.

Until he fucks with it again. Cause, let's face it here: he just got rewarded for pissing all of you Star Wars fanboys and girls off, didn't he? You screamed, you ranted, you raved. You swore he was slaying your sacred cow of fandom, but he was only betting on a cash cow, and you guys are why. You voted with your dollars, and Jar-Jar Binks is your American Idol, with Greedo as your Ryan Seacrest, shooting at Han first and dying in an endless loop, each time murdering a little tiny part of your soul. And who's our Simon? George, of course. 

Enough mixing metaphors. You guys asked for the next round of edits and changes by buying in to this one. And I get to act all smug and superior about it, cause *I* may be the only Star Wars fan who hasn't bought this set.