A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

In 1992, I started college (yeah, I'm *that* old.) At the time, a fledgling comedy group called Absolunacy was auditioning for members. They'd been around for a year already, but hadn't performed any shows, nor really written any material. I went to that audition with the guy who remains my best friend (outside of my wife, of course.) At that audition I met my wife. Seriously.

I was in Absolunacy (now Abso) for a year and a half. I learned how to write comedy because of them. I met and performed with some of the most wonderful and talented people I've ever known through them. And 19 years later, they're still around. And that... That's pretty damn cool.

We will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Absolunacy at Pruis Hall in Muncie Indiana tomorrow, Sept. 10, with free shows at 6 and 8pm.  The 8pm show is for adults (spoiler: somebody will drop an F*Bomb. And Wash dies.) Follow the link below for more info.