To Infinity And Beyond...

Buzz and Dustin Diamond
(Saved By The Bell's Screech)
I travel a lot. Like most people who travel for a living, one of the things I fight hardest against is boredom. When you see a documentary about a performer who ends up drug addicted or alcoholic, I'd wager it's generally because they needed something to do to fill the lonely hours, so they hung around at the bar. You fill in the blanks.

One of the things I do to combat the boredom is to take pictures of a little plastic Buzz Lightyear toy at various touristy attractions and stuff... Why? Well...

In 2006, I was just starting as a standup comedian. I'd been performing or writing comedy in one form or another since 1992, but not as a standup comedian, and I hadn't been traveling all that much yet. At this time, my youngest son--Jack--was just over a year old, and was taking his first steps. Jack just *loved* to put things in shoes, especially toys. I was constantly hurting my foot on something shoved in my shoes until I consistently began to check them before I put them on.

My buddy James graduated from Air Force basic training in June of 2006, and a friend (Sean) and I flew to San Antonio to see him graduate. When we arrived, while getting dressed for the graduation ceremony, I discovered Jack's Buzz Lightyear toy tucked into my dress shoe. After the ceremony, Sean, James, Buzz, and I went to the Alamo and took pictures. Before we left, Sean and I took Buzz to a cave and to an old Spanish mission. And to Rudy's, self proclaimed home of the"Worst Bar-B-Q In Texas."

We had a ball. After that, it just made sense to take Buzz with me everywhere I went. For a short time, Buzz was lost, but upon his triumphant return, I resumed taking pictures on the road with him. It's a small way to share the interesting things I get to see with my friends and my family. It maintains a definite emotional tie to my children when I am lonely. And it beats the living hell out of being bored.

Buzz and the lovely Elena Fox from Food Network's "Ace of Cakes."