Mikey News Roundup Nov. 5, 2011

Just an update on where I've been, as the blog seems to have lapsed like a Catholic High School Girl In Trouble (thank you, Kentucky Fried Movie, for the visual I get whenever I utter that phrase...)

When I last left off, Buzz and I had just returned from the 2011 Geek Media Expo in Nashville, TN (a truly excellent time. Check the previous posts for pics.) We were accompanied by my elder son, Ben, and a good time was had by all.

Following that, I appeared in Bristol, VA (where two excellent guys who'd just found out about my geek stuff online came to see me—and hopefully I'll see them again in a couple of weeks when I go to Johnson City, TN) and then in Lynchburg, VA for a couple nights before heading to...

The 2011 Geek Gala in Charlotte, NC (an annual charity event sponsored by the Charlotte Geeks.) It was a killer fun time, lots of great costumes and Games (Slay the Sparkly, Bowling For Jar-Jar, Ewok Toss, etc...) and I did two sets, getting to play some stuff I don't normally get the chance to when I'm making people laugh...

This week, I'm in Tulsa, OK, and had a friend drive 6 ½ hours from Abilene, TX to see the show and hang out last night (thanks, Terry!)

On Monday night, several excellent musician friends of mine and I will meet for the first time to rehearse material from the Impotent Nerd Rage album, to be performed live in Muncie in early December. I'll post more details as they come.

In the meantime, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo, so if you are too, add me as a writing buddy! My username is damikey.

Check the schedule regularly. I'm booking all sorts of great stuff for next year (some of which I can't yet confirm or deny) and it looks like it's gonna be a great year for geeks and white trash comedy, both!