Mikey News Roundup Dec. 5, 2011

Again I've let things get in the way of witty (and not-so witty, but at least semi-regular) blog posts. I'll try to do better. Really.

In the meantime, some news tidbits and rumor-mongering about what I'm up to...

Foremost in my mind is this Friday, December 9, 2011 @ the Fickle Peach in Muncie, IN. It's a one-shot event where I have assembled a full band to perform songs from my Impotent Nerd Rage album and related material in the very pub where the "She Don't Like Firefly" video was shot. It's gonna be a lot of fun, and feels sort of like I'm getting a Make-A-Wish night of my own...

Next year is filling in nicely, with Geek Rock Comedy bookings at several conventions and regular comedy show bookings in over a dozen states and in the Bahamas, and no month is barren of bookings as of this writing. Check the schedule to see when I'll be in your neck of the woods. There are a couple of shows I'm not allowed to talk about yet, but I can't wait to be able to... (including my first 2012 CSTS appearance!)

I have several other irons in the fire, as well:

  • I've been in contact with the great Nerd Rock band Sci-Fried to contribute to their upcoming album "Co-Op Mode," which should also be starring some killer talent like Kirby Krackle (check them out if you haven't already.)  
  • Music videos currently in the development stage include "Too Fat To Troop," "Kobolds Ate My Baby," and "Me and Alan Moore's Beard." 
  • I'm also scripting a series of web shorts based on my misadventures at the role-playing game table.
  • Spurred by NaNoWriMo (and having completed the NaNoWriMo challenge) I've been inspired to use that creative writing degree that I have, and write a novel as well... The idea is to put it out as an audio book podcast. There are some other things in this vein that I am also not allowed to talk about right now, but am equally excited to share when the opportunity presents itself. 
And that's it (for now...) I'll be back later with witticisms and groaners and semi-regular verbal douchebaggery for you to enjoy or hate or ignore as you will... Thanks for dropping by, and I hope I get the chance to see you (and make you laugh) soon!