That's Sooooo 2011

Someone tried to insult me this year by pointing out that I wasn't George Carlin, and that I played places like Merrillville, IN. This actually arose from a Facebook squabble that turned personal when I continually pointed out that they either couldn't or wouldn't support their assertion (whatever it was) with corroborating evidence of any kind. I let them have the last word because a) it's really not worth it to argue with someone who doesn't understand how to support an argument, and b) they were right about me not being Carlin. I also don't have a boss or a job I hate. I'm not saying that person does (neither do I know or particularly care...) The point is, though, that I'm not Carlin. In fact, I'm playing a Moose lodge in Michigan for New Years Eve. That's not very superstar comedian, now is it? Then again, George Carlin wasn't George Carlin at the beginning of his career...

So as 2011 draws to a close, I'll give it one last look back. Why? Because I don't plan on doing much looking back in the next year (aside from taxes, that is...) Here goes.

After my show tonight, I'll have spent my 2011 traveling over 50,000 miles, performing 182 shows in 73 cities in 21 states, and getting paid for it. Many of them were in comedy clubs, some in theaters (I performed on the stage of “A Christmas Carol,”) and others in bars. One was in a garage (it was a big garage filled with bikers, but a garage, nonetheless...) One was in a game store. One was between lanes four and five of a bowling alley (no kidding-- the drummer for the Gin Blossoms was there, watching, and he enjoyed the show.) I've played in front of friends and family and strangers, cowboys and cops, bikers and doctors (some were both,) lawyers, geeks, jocks, hipsters, hicks, gays, lesbians, transgenders, transvestites, breeders, and metrosexuals. Sometimes it was even fun.

I performed at benefits supporting Multiple Sclerosis research, Equality Now, Youth Homes (a division of the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina,) and Guardians Of The Children. I'm in the planning stages of a few projects, in the development stages of a couple more, and constantly thinking up new things that I think it would be cool to do.

I had somewhat of a hit this year with a She Don't Like Firefly, which led to a successful campaign, which led to the recording of my geek rock comedy album, Impotent Nerd Rage. I failed in getting that delivered to everyone who supported it before the end of the year, but have the means to do so before the end of January, 2011, and will ensure that it is done. This song—this album—made it possible for me to start the transition into playing conventions and such, as well. I did 10 geek-material-only shows (one with a full band!) and have more on the books for next year.

I started off the year sick as hell (almost deliriously so) in Appleton, WI, and will end it exactly how I spent most of the year: in a car, driving, listening to podcasts, thinking up new cool stuff to do, and lots of lame things that will thankfully never come to fruition. Sometime around 3 or 4 am, I'll pull into my driveway, skulk into my house, lay down beside my beautiful wife and try not to give this year any more (or less) consideration than it deserves.

Way back when I had a day job (not so long ago, really) I worked with a really bright guy named Mr. C, who had a poster outside his door with a Lou Holtz quote that read, “If what you did yesterday looks big, you haven't done anything today.” So I'll keep moving forward, because everything looks smaller in your rear-view mirror.

I hope everything in each of your coming years is bigger (or at least better) than the last.