New* EP Online - Squedge!

I just released a $5, 14 track EP called Squedge! This is a short album of previously released songs and sketches that have been unavailable for a while... All of this material was recorded in my home studio using inferior equipment and software between 2000 and 2003. The material is funny, but the quality is lacking... I've been coerced--err--convinced to re-release these songs and make them available once more, but only because I feel no great desire to re-record them. 

Also, the song "Old People" has never been released before. This is its one shot at seeing the light of day... 

The album art is by an old, old friend and talented graphic designer, Marcelo Gomes, who donated the work to be my first comedy album's artwork way-yyyyyyyy back in 2001. That album also never came to fruition, and this artwork deserved to be seen.