Going Geek in Charlotte, NC

So I'm in Charlotte, NC this week, working at the Comedy Zone, and it's been a blast so far. Wednesday night, I was privileged enough to headline an all-geek comedy show, hosted by the Charlotte Comedy Theatre, with special guests Robot Johnson, and featuring the very funny Ray Price. It was a great show and there was much after-showing between myself and the Robot Johnson crew, and many of the awesome Charlotte Geeks who came out to support us (as well as my good friend Sgt. Dan, who drove 180 miles just to see the show and hang out! Do my friends rock or what?)
For the rest of the week, I'm working with Josh Blue, and having a ball--discovering great pizza, killer cupcakes, and wonderful beer in Charlotte.
If your week is half as good as this half of mine has been, then you're having a pretty f***in' good week. 
If not, let's hope it gets better... 4 more shows and then I'm off to Sioux Falls, SD. In the meantime, here's some Robot Johnson to feed your eyeballs with.