Teach Your Children Well...

I'm gearing up to attend ConCarolinas this weekend, and will be performing at the Sunday SHINDIG for my sponsors, the Charlotte Browncoats

In order to set the tone for my trip, I treated my son Jack to his first game of Zombies!!! (he'd been bugging me to tach him to play.) I would have left him to die, but since we were both close to the helipad, and since I'd just played the "no zombies attack until the end of your next round" card, I ruled that he could make it onto the chopper with me.

He dramatized it thusly: "I hold out my shotgun to shoot you, but when I pull the trigger, it just clicks 'cause I'm out of bullets." (He was, actually.) "So that's ok then, and you grab the gun and use it to pull me onto the helicopter. And then you fly us away while I shoot all the zombies with the machine gun."

He's seven.

See you in Charlotte!