A Heartfelt Thank You

The Naro Theater: The calm before the storm.
Here I sit in a hotel in Norfolk, VA, full of great beer and German food and tired in the very best way: I just had what was probably the single most awesome show of my geek comedy career. And it came about because I followed my passions and wrote songs about things I cared about, and because a guy named Dave Catoe in Virginia liked those songs.

I wrote "She Don't Like Firefly" in the spring of last year, and almost immediately after the video came out on YouTube, Dave contacted me to see if he could show it at his Can't Stop The Serenity Event. Of course I said, "OK!" Sure, there were lots of elements at play when it came to the success of She Don't Like Firefly. But Dave was the guy who suggested that I play at CSTS events in general. He's a smart guy, and a very nice one, too.

Ben (my oldest son) and me on the long drive.

"She Don't Like Firefly" led to the successful Kickstarter.com funding of my Impotent Nerd Rage album, which led to me playing at geek cons, expos, and events around the country, which led (long story short) to me and my son driving 13 hours to watch a movie that was released on dvd in 2005 at a cool, old, one screen theater near the Virginia coast. And--of course--to me playing a show before that movie, and making who knows how many new friends tonight.

It's been a great, great weekend. Dave took us out for fresh seafood when we got in, a first for my son and me. He met us early today and guided us to the venue (the beautiful Naro Cinema) and made sure we had everything we needed. He advertised the show, and made sure my son and I got t-shirts and posters, and made sure everything ran like clockwork. And people came. I hope enough came to make it worthwhile for the two very worthy charities who were to benefit from the screening: Equality Now and Samaritan House.

Ben and me at the Bier Garden in Portsmouth, afterwards.
I know that a couple drove all the way from Tennessee (TENNESSEE!) to see me perform. Others from North Carolina. I know I got to see the chair of MarsCon (a convention I played in Williamsburg, VA last January--and I'll be playing there again in 2013) wearing one of my "She Don't Like Firefly" T-shirts. I know that I was greeted by an overwhelming reception from the audience, cheering and singing along, and such unabashed enthusiasm that any performer anywhere would be envious of me tonight. And I know my son got to see me in the way every father wants their son to see them. That's a gift I'll never be able to repay.

CSTS 2012, Norfolk, VA.
I will continue to do geek shows wherever I can make them work, and one day, I hope to make the geek shows my career... I truly owe Dave for helping get the ball rolling, for embracing his passions the way that he does, and for encouraging me to embrace mine in the same way. He reminds me sometimes that I'm not a great businessman. That's true. But tonight I was successful in a way no businessman will be and I owe that, in great part, to Dave.

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. More than you know.