Gen Con's Best Kept Secrets?

In case you didn't know (from my previous post on the subject) I'M PERFORMING AT GEN CON THIS YEAR!

But that's not all...! I'm not the only ray o' geeky musical comedy sunshine to shine down on con-goers in Indy this year. Check this schedule out:

7 pm: ENT1229381 - The Damsels Of Dorkington
8 pm: ENT1232212 - Marc Gunn

7 pm: ENT1229383 - The Damsels Of Dorkington
9 pm: ENT1232317 - "Friday Night Live" featuring the great Luke Ski, the Damsels of Dorkington, Marc Gunn, Tom Smith, Mikey Mason, & Dan the Bard!

2 pm: ENT1230766 - Mikey Mason
7 pm: ENT1229382 - The Damsels Of Dorkington
8 pm: ENT1232214 - Marc Gunn
9 pm: ENT1232218 - the great Luke Ski
10 pm: ENT1233888 - Tom Smith

Those are all in the Crowne Plaza Ballroom. Also, I'll be performing the song “I Wanna Be Your Jedi” that I recorded with Sci-Fried for their album Co-op Mode during their awesome show in the Westin Grand Ballroom II&III!

5 pm: ENT1238738 - SciFried (Note: Show time was changed from 5:30 TO 5pm)

All of these performers work their asses off to create this comedy awesomesauce, and it's not like Gen-Con has a music track, either. It requires performers to essentially book themselves. So these fine artists have done ALL OF THE WORK HERE, and you get to reap the comedy benefit. And, of course, none of us are getting paid by Gen-Con, so... Come and support us! All of us!

Rock it out, laugh out loud (literally, not in a smarmy internet acronym sort of way,) and find whole new reasons to love Gen Con this year!