Drunken ramblings from a hotel room...

So... an update!

I did GenCon. It was awesome. Had a killer time with the Great Luke Ski, Marc Gunn, Dan the Bard, Tom Smith, and the Damsels of Dorkington at the friday night show. Enjoyed the crap out of my Saturday show. Rocked along with Sci-Fried at their Saturday show (and purchased what is now my favorite t-shirt.)

I was interviewed by The Medium Bus podcast. Listen to that here, if'n you want.

Now I'm back on the road, telling the most intelligent dick joke they've ever heard to Americans who aren't aware they want to hear it (yet.) I'm also working on dates for the rest of this year and booking con dates for next year...!

To that end, I'll be appearing at Pandoracon in Cincinnati form Sep. 28-30, the Charlotte Geeks' Geek Gala on Oct. 26, and Tidewater Serenity Presents Mikey Mason in an evening of Barbarian Nerd Rage on Nov. 10 in Norfolk, VA.

I'm lined up for Marscon in Williamsburg, VA in January, Fear The Con in St. Louis, MO in May, and I'm pretty sure I'll be back at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC at the end of next May. I'm working on Ravencon in Richmond, VA, InConJunction in Indianapolis, IN, MarsCon in Bloomington, MN, VisionCon in Springfield, MO, Penguicon in Detroit, MI, and of course GenCon and DragonCon for next year. I'm feeling hopeful (and still looking for new prospects and horizons--if you have an idea and/or a connection with a con or venue I can do the geek thing at, let me know!)

Right now, I'm drinking good beer in a hotel room in NC, but I'll be back to work on recording the Barbarian Jetpack album as soon as I can. In the meantime, here's a link an update I did for my Kickstarter page, with some samples of the work already in progress...