What's been going on...?

I know, I know. I update randomly. I throw news at you and leave. I'll do better, I promise. No--seriously this time. Maybe.

Something is coming later this week that I can give a small teaser of (though I cannot confirm nor deny what it actually is as of this moment.) Here's a visual hint (there's text, but it's blurred out...) and I'll let you know more later in the week.

In the meantime--for anyone who doesn't already know--whenever my schedule allows I'm now (officially) a co-host of Postcards From The Dungeon, with the fine fellows Stephen Jarjoura and Jeb Brack, which is a podcast aimed at creativity and how it applies to table-top role-playing games. I really am a co-host. They just haven't added me to the "About" page. Yet. Unless they're just toying with me, and are secretly editing my portions out of the podcasts I record with them. (Yes. I'm a geek. I'm a comedian, and I'm on a podcast, but it's not just another chuckle-chuckle fest. We have a specific focus and everything...) Check it out.

Speaking of Jeb, I just saw him at the inaugural PandoraCon. (He and his lovely family were quite welcoming. I felt like an exchange student who lucked out with his host family.) It was a wonderful weekend of drinking with Klingons, groping Dalek-boobs, and making new friends. I had 2 very fun, energetic shows in front of enthusiastic crowds (during the 2nd show, I even had dancers on the floor in front of the stage for a bit.)

And, in the vendor hall, I was positioned directly across from zombification artist (and father of the zombie mashup) Billy Tackett, who turned out to be a great guy. I'm not normally into the whole zombie genre, but he's an incredible artist, and has a piece that I'll definitely be buying for my son.

Finally, the Barbarian Jetpack album is well underway--mostly finished, in fact. Looking at a release of late October, barring any unforeseen difficulties, which means I *should* have it to show off at the 2012 Charlotte Geek Gala when I'm there on October 27th and at my show in Norfolk, VA on Nov 10.