The Fundamental Interconnectedness Of Things

Ever since I first read about Dirk Gently, I've been a (semi)firm believer in the Fundamental Interconnectedness of Things. Sometimes this faith waxes, sometimes it wanes. This is one of those waxing cycles. If you think I just admitted to waxing, you're sort of right, but that's beside the point.

I hadn't planned on releasing another coloring book image before the book came out, but I received a tweet today that reaffirmed my (currently waxing) belief in the Fundamental Interconnectedness of Things.

@oopswrongcookie (Ora) tweeted this:
Weird dream last night - , you were there, and a bunch of Mexican wrestling midgets...
Why is that reaffirming? Because, just last night, I finished this page of the coloring book. So there... Thanks to Ora and her odd, mind-probing dreams, you get another page. Same rules apply. Print it and color it, then send me a picture of it, and I will send you something special in your e-mail. Oh, yes I will. Quite special indeed.

And--though I love computers, and appreciate the thought--coloring it on a computer doesn't count. I prefer crayons, but you could use markers or colored pencils--whatever LEGAL media you choose. (Please don't send me a page colored with virgin's blood and the tears of tainted innocence. It's not a goth coloring book.) You don't get the same kind of visceral, mind-soothing therapy from clicking your mouse as you do from handling those little wax beauties.

See you soon!