A Year In The Making

I know I post infrequently. That's part of my charm, here, right?

But it's not like I don't have stuff going on all the time. Sure, I could do a weekly post about where I'm going to be, but isn't that what my schedule page is for? And I could write an inane blog post every day about stupid crap that no one cares about, and it could get enough hits and/or hate mail if it was mean enough or biased enough about something, and let's face it: there's enough meanness, bias, enmity, and general batshit-craziness in the world. I'm here to make something.

This year, my wife and I took on a project:
Every day this year we will create something (or do something creative) and find a way to share it online. If we painted or made physical or digital art, we'll post a picture. If we wrote a poem, we'll publish it here. If we wrote a song, we'll find a way to share that, too.

Maybe we'll just paint the kitchen. Maybe we'll make something fun to eat. Any way it goes, we're challenging ourselves, every day, to do one extra thing, something that is at least a little beyond the creative realms of our regular day-to-day lives.

You're welcome to join us, or watch, or even ignore us. We'll do it anyway.
 If you're interested, you can find it here: A Year In The Making. And I deliver what I promise: something new, every day. It might not be something you particularly care about. It might be a poem or a song or whatever. It won't always be KISS Portraits or Superhero Voodoo Dolls or Handmade Jewelry. But it will always be SOMETHING.

Every. Day. This. Year.

*And* I'll still be working my ass off to make new funny material, new geeky material, and get out to all corners of the globe (as much as possible) to see you, and hopefully, get you to see me.

So stick around. Metaphorically, of course.