Mailing List

Look over there, to the right. No, not the R2D2 mailbox. Your other right... See that spot that says "Join The Mailing List?" Type your email address in it and hit the subscribe button. It'll sign you up for--GASP!--my mailing list. I'll mail you monthly with my schedule, and contests and free downloads and stuff.


People on the list have already received a preview of a new EP of music I'm working on (that nobody else has got to hear about, yet,) a parody unavailable for download anywhere, and the info about my first contest, as well as my schedule for the next 2 months... So if you're into that, sign up.

(But know that I prune the mailing list. If you do not open the emails, I take you off. I'm not wasting good electrons on an ingrate's inbox...)

Anyway, I'm going back to mixing the latest episode of Beer Powered Time Machine. You get on the mailing list. Or don't. Whichever you choose, follow your action (or inaction) by doing something that will add meaning to your life. Or watch TV. Or both.

I got stuff to do.

P.S. If you're unable to see the signup box because of a mobile device or whatever, but still want to sign up, you can just CLICK HERE