Gygax Testimonial

For those of you who don't know who Gary Gygax was ("Is," my brain screams! "He maintains an enduring legacy!") he co-created the Dungeons and Dragons  role-playing game with Dave Arneson, and is widely regarded as the father of role-playing games. He passed away on March 4, 2008. In commemoration of his passing, people posted tributes, condolences, and memories on the walls of his family's Facebook pages. One of the tributes somebody posted was my video, Best Game Ever
Gary's daughter, Cindy and her mother (his first wife) Mary saw the video and sent me the following messages:
"I love your song... I am Gary's first wife, Mary, and the mother of his first (5) children, Ernie, Elise, Heidi, Cindy and Luke. It made me cry remembering the days when we were a family in Lake Geneva and he wrote the game and all the guys playing it at our house and waking up my sleeping baby. That's how I got the nick name, Dragon Lady. Always yelling at them to quiet down late at night... Thank you for the song and your heartfelt rendition of same. 
Mary P. Gygax-Walker"

"My dad had a great sense of humor, knew hundreds of jokes, puns, limericks, etc and would have LOVED your song!
Thanks for your song and the memories it evoked in us all. You see it was the 4th anniversary of my dad's death a few days ago and so many of our friends are posting tributes and the like on our walls to help ease the pains of his loss. I enjoyed laughing along with you while watching your video.
Thanks again,
Cindy Gygax"
I feel like I've just been knighted by the royal family of gaming. I'm so very, very honored (and happy) to know that they liked the song, and feel that Gary would have as well.