I do three different types of shows (at least three types, really, but I'll keep this basic...) There's some overlapping material between the three types, but essentially they are three very different shows. You might want to know what you're getting into when you go to a Mikey show, right? So...

What are they?

1) Comedy Club/Nightclub Show
This is the show I do at comedy clubs and nightclubs nationwide (and internationally.) The material ranges from PG-13 to R, and is an insane blend of stand-up comedy and music that intertwines and creates a cohesive show with a solid through line and transitions. It's the act that's allowed me to perform on all 4 coasts, record multiple cds, appear multiple times on NBC and at the legendary House of Blues (in Dallas, TX and Myrtle Beach, SC) and at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.
You can find examples of it by clicking here.
If there's no note in parentheses next to the date on my schedule, this is the show I'll be doing.

2) Convention/"Geek" Show
I do this show at conventions, gaming stores, house parties, etc... It's all material focused on my hobbies and passions: sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, role-playing games, video games, cartoons, whatever. It's generally rated PG to PG-13. This is the material that got me featured on Nerdist.com, SyFy's Blastr.com, Time Magazine's Techland, MTV's Geek News, The Funny Music Project, and even DrDemento.com!
You can find examples of it by clicking here.
If it says (Geek Show) next to the date on my schedule, this is the show you'll be getting.

3) Music Show
There are occasions when I'll book myself a gig at a venue (usually a bar) and just play music, any music. I do quirky versions of other people's songs, originals--both funny and "serious"--whatever I feel like. I've been know to do modern pop songs in the style of Bruce Springsteen for a kick. Cover the Gourds' bluegrass version of Gin and Juice. Whatever I feel like. I'm afraid (or maybe even a little relieved) that there is no true example of this available online, so I'll just link you to this video of me and a friend doing drunken karaoke years ago. Not really representative, but entertaining and worth a laugh...
If it says (Music Gig) next to the date on my schedule, this is the show you'll be getting.

Hope that makes things clearer for everyone, and I truly hope to see you at a show somewhere soon!

The New Mikey Album: Dangerous Gifts

Released on Halloween, 'cause it's all ear candy. It's a darker album than my last two, but still manages to keep a bright, shining, happy geek spot in the second half...

You can buy the disc by clicking here, our you can listen and/or download digitally below!

What's Next?

You can see where I'll be next on the schedule page. I was just politely reminded to update that weekly, if not more frequently...

As for what I'm up to? Well... I had a song air on Dr. Demento, and that was a great honor. I'm now an auxiliary member of the FuMP (Funny Music Project), as well! I'm working on my third geek album as well as a side project of... er... other songs (not gonna talk *too* much about that just yet.)

And you can keep up with my daily creativity goals (to make a thing a day in 2013) by checking out my Year In The Making project page.

Hope to see you at a con or in a club soon!

Table Tales

I did some voice work for a friend. If his Kickstarter project gets funded, I'll be in the live action series, as well...

Check it out! (Then spread the word and back the project!)


This is the latest tune that I've recorded/released. It's more of a geeky tune than my regular act, but I dig it, and I hope you do too.

But Seriously, Folks...

No, really. People ask me now and then why I don't do serious music. I do. I just don't record it very often.

Just this once, I did. And you can listen (or download--or both) for free! (You don't have to, of course... You can "name your own price" if you want. Call it a donation. Be a patron. Or not...)

Click here to listen, or listen below.

In any case, if you dig this kind of weird, Americana folk-rock, literature-inspired music, dig in. Spread the word.

If not? Well... I'm not giving up comedy anytime soon.

Thanks for listening.


Mailing List

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People on the list have already received a preview of a new EP of music I'm working on (that nobody else has got to hear about, yet,) a parody unavailable for download anywhere, and the info about my first contest, as well as my schedule for the next 2 months... So if you're into that, sign up.

(But know that I prune the mailing list. If you do not open the emails, I take you off. I'm not wasting good electrons on an ingrate's inbox...)

Anyway, I'm going back to mixing the latest episode of Beer Powered Time Machine. You get on the mailing list. Or don't. Whichever you choose, follow your action (or inaction) by doing something that will add meaning to your life. Or watch TV. Or both.

I got stuff to do.

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