Red Letters is Coming...

Mikey's newest album, Red Letters, is here!

Click above to listen/buy digitally, or CLICK HERE to purchase the physical cd.

And don't forget to catch Mikey at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

Here's where to find him:

Friday, September 4th, 5:30pm @ Hyatt Concourse
Friday, September 4th, 10pm @ Hyatt (Hanover C,D,E)

Saturday, September 5th, 11:30pm @ Hyatt (Hanover C,D,E)

Sunday, September 6th, 2:30pm @ AmericasMart Concourse
Sunday, September 6th, 7pm @ Hyatt (Baker - 138)

Logan Award Nominations

Two(!) of my songs were nominated for a Logan Award! Both Last Day At Work and Settle have been nominated in the Outstanding Original Comedy Song category. Woot!

Also: you can listen to my podcasts on Stitcher, now. Or by going to their websites. Or by going through iTunes. Check 'em out!

Beer Powered Time Machine and All In The Reflexes!


Exciting things are happening in Mikey-land. In addition to my ever-growing, ever-updating schedule, it's been officially announced that I'm writing music for the Knights of the Dinner Table live action series. Click the link for an advance peek at the theme song... (I might possibly have a cameo in the project as well.)

Also, if you like my music and want to support me even more than you already do, check out my Patreon page. I'll be posting new songs there (patrons get them first, everyone else waits for official releases.)

As always, thanks for listening! (No go write something positive about something on your social media of preference!)


I do three different types of shows (at least three types, really, but I'll keep this basic...) There's some overlapping material between the three types, but essentially they are three very different shows. You might want to know what you're getting into when you go to a Mikey show, right? So...

What are they?

1) Comedy Club/Nightclub Show
This is the show I do at comedy clubs and nightclubs nationwide (and internationally.) The material ranges from PG-13 to R, and is an insane blend of stand-up comedy and music that intertwines and creates a cohesive show with a solid through line and transitions. It's the act that's allowed me to perform on all 4 coasts, record multiple cds, appear multiple times on NBC and at the legendary House of Blues (in Dallas, TX and Myrtle Beach, SC) and at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.
You can find examples of it by clicking here.
If there's no note in parentheses next to the date on my schedule, this is the show I'll be doing.

2) Convention/"Geek" Show
I do this show at conventions, gaming stores, house parties, etc... It's all material focused on my hobbies and passions: sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, role-playing games, video games, cartoons, whatever. It's generally rated PG to PG-13. This is the material that got me featured on, SyFy's, Time Magazine's Techland, MTV's Geek News, The Funny Music Project, and even!
You can find examples of it by clicking here.
If it says (Geek Show) next to the date on my schedule, this is the show you'll be getting.

3) Music Show
There are occasions when I'll book myself a gig at a venue (usually a bar) and just play music, any music. I do quirky versions of other people's songs, originals--both funny and "serious"--whatever I feel like. I've been know to do modern pop songs in the style of Bruce Springsteen for a kick. Cover the Gourds' bluegrass version of Gin and Juice. Whatever I feel like. I'm afraid (or maybe even a little relieved) that there is no true example of this available online, so I'll just link you to this video of me and a friend doing drunken karaoke years ago. Not really representative, but entertaining and worth a laugh...
If it says (Music Gig) next to the date on my schedule, this is the show you'll be getting.

Hope that makes things clearer for everyone, and I truly hope to see you at a show somewhere soon!

The New Mikey Album: Dangerous Gifts

Released on Halloween, 'cause it's all ear candy. It's a darker album than my last two, but still manages to keep a bright, shining, happy geek spot in the second half...

You can buy the disc by clicking here, our you can listen and/or download digitally below!